Wadi Rum Resort: An luxury Eco Lodge by Oppenheim Architecture+Design

Harmonious Unity Between Nature And Man…

The images of the competition-winning design for a new desert lodge in wadi rum, jordan by florida-based firm oppenheim architecture + design took me into a dream…A dream where desert sand meets desert stone, not struggling yet becoming one with the environment, living in a way that we should live indeed. A beautiful, primitive, powerful yet humble project seeking to establish a new benchmark for design, quality and sustainability in the natural environment, using the native materials and formations to guide their design.

From the architects:

The architecture we will humbly create within the realm of the Wadi is intended to miraculously and meticulously add another sound in a perfect symphony, another ingredient in a perfect dish. The conceptual point of departure has its roots in the tectonic and geological histories of the region. Through an engagement of the existing natural faults and fissures, the architecture is inserted in the landscape with nominal impact and primal elegance-synchronizing with the topography. Symbiotically and sensitively attuned to the rhythms of the area – a responsible stewardship of the environment. The boundaries between man-made and nature, interior and exterior are deliberately blurred establishing maximum effect with minimum affect. The lodges are nestled across the landscape — enhancing rather than distorting an awareness of the context. An enlightened new approach to living with the land and not simply upon it; learning anew how to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Beauty, power and humility is achieved through a profound understanding of flow, light and orientation with the topography-fermenting a relationship with the surrounding desert. Simplicity and functionality are inherent to the entire design– so that nothing distracts the eye. The lodges and villas in their various incarnations; rock lodge, spa lodge, tent lodge and reserve villa are all designed as spatial responses towards establishing a connection, not dislocation with the awe-inspiring planet we inhabit. Their architectonic form responds directly to the rich regional cues: an evolutionary process that has established, over millennia, a clear and appropriate type that is in resonance with nature.


An appropriate desert architecture, including shading, natural ventilation providing a microclimate comfortable for guests and a natural experience…

Many of the surfaces and building materials are left raw and accented only by simple materials blurring the boundaries between what is natural and man made.

The project is planned to accomplished at 2014. The new luxury eco lodge will help sustainably develop the area, which is already known for its eco-tourism, climbing and trekking. And I can’t stop imagining such a project in my country, in the region of exceptional natural wonders,Cappodocia…

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