Walking Shelter

Is it possible to carry a shelter in your sneakers? Furthermore, to carry it in such sneakers that seems an ordinary pair of sneakers?  It sounds impossible or humorous but  collective siblings surprise the people with their project.

Photos by tin&ed
Photos by tin&ed

The sneakers keep a fully-functioning tent in netted pockets within the sides of the shoe. The shelter is under this net. The shelter expands out from the back of the sneakers. When you finish removing the whole shelter, you have a tent tied your sneakers and it can protect your body.

Lets see the steps of the setting of the shelter:

Photos by tin&ed

You can see the mechanism fitted within the sides of the shoes.

Photos by tin&ed

You will start pulling the shelter from the back.

Photos by tin&ed

The shelter is expanding

Photos by tin&ed

The shelter is as big as the individual’s body.

Photos by tin&ed

Opening the front part of the shelter.

Photos by tin&ed

The shelter covers the body of the individual wearing the walking shelter.

Photos by tin&ed


You can use the shelter no matter how you want-open or closed

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