Wallmonds Elastics Frames

Wallmonds Elastic Frames designed by Gonçalo Campos are so simple yet functional that it is impossible to be amazed because they can be used in many ways by a very simple system.


These frames on which you can attach many things, you can write something to bring humour to the place in which you live, and after all, that can change your atmosphere are produced from Birch Plywood and Beech wood.
Dİmensions: 85x30x05 cm

aol-goncalo-campos-wallmonds-elastics-frame-07 aol-goncalo-campos-wallmonds-elastics-frame-06 aol-goncalo-campos-wallmonds-elastics-frame-05 aol-goncalo-campos-wallmonds-elastics-frame-03 aol-goncalo-campos-wallmonds-elastics-frame-02

Images: http://goncalocampos.com

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