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KÜÇÜK MUSTAFA PAŞA HAMAMI, Mustantik Sokak . Cibali. Fatih.


Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı, the oldest Turkish bath in Istanbul will host the site specific art installation “Water.Like Tears Of Love” by Italian artist Angelo Bucarelli from September 15 to October 13.

The installation under the auspices of main institutions such as Italian Cultural Institute in Istanbul, Italian Ministry of Tourism Sport and Regional Affairs, Embassy of Italy in Ankara, Rome Embassy in Republic of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Fatih Municipality will be the paralel event of the 13rd Istanbul International Biennial.

Bucarelli gave the name “Water Like Tears of Love”to the installation by the inspiration of the verse by the author, poet and historian Tursun Bey who expressed Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s feelings when he first saw the abundance of water and gardens in Istanbul.

Angelo Bucarelli exposed the element of Istanbul via the installation that almost touchs the peak by rising to the dome of the bath which is the highest one in the city and formed with the glass and steel materials. The big circular sculptures, colourful rugs and the sounds background accompanying this unique emotion create synergy among the visitors, water, bath and Istanbul.

Bucarelli chose one of the oldest districts(Cibali, Fatih), an old bath which is the symbol of the social civilization and plays a major role. He used the local communities and crafts in order to develop the role of the art. His works include different materials such as iron, glass besides fabric and
embroidery and he combines them with photography. The light coming through the aperture on the dome of the bath exposes the bright and vivid colours while it accomodates the antique walls of the eastern markets and the hot spices.

Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı was built 24 years after Istanbul was conquered by Ottoman Empire (Thebath is the oldest and has the biggest dome of Ottoman Empire) Cibali is among the targets of the urban reconstruction projects because of its authentic features among the ancient Byzantine walls in the southern part of Haliç. Bucarelli’s project serve as a catalyst because it creates awareness about the cultural prosperity of a little-known region in Istanbul.

The recommended themes by the artist besides the value of the place and the district during the exhibition in the meetings, lessons and workshops will be dealed. The exhibition in Italian Cultural Institute in Istanbul will be held thanks to the contributions of Astaldi, ENI, The University of Kadir Has, Stepevi, YapıKredi and Camhane, Niche Glass, Persol, Simple Life, Zurich Insurance. Angelo Bucarelli expresses his thanksto the contribution and the team of Mustafa Öney. Pınar Akalın is the project manager.


Notes from Laura Bacerra

Visiting some places just make feel visual, poetic and literatural experience. When Angelo Bucarelli fell in love with Istanbul in 1972, he knew that his love would transform into appreciation; not just to the city’s history, but to the its liquid, changable and the different core: water, the object which is the source of the city and the composition of East and West.

“Water. Like Tears Of Love”, which belonges to Tursun Bey who is the poet and historian standing by Fatih Sultan Mehmet is the topic chosen by the artist to express the complex installation of Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı and not wholly suitable to the art but to the place for body and spirit care .

The installation “Rain of Glass words” forms a big circle and through the form, valuable murano sculptures repeating Ottoman calligraphy are seen. The traditional Turkish towels chosen by the artist to express the water near the sculptures form the gobles indicating eleven words: thirst, horizon, dark and light, depth, respect, mirror, source, sweat, air, poison. Bucarelli uses the text in a bipartite way in order to bring semiotic poetic meaning and visual purity. Caldarium and tepidarium areas has two more installations prepared for the architecture (Istanbul Walls and Turkish memoryThe exhibition of Bucarelli is a trip through the history, poe, memories and love in the temple of the waters transform into revolution.


Angelo Bucarelli,who is an eclectic and versatile artist, joined the art world by dedicating himself to the sculpture, photography, conceptual art aand cinema in 1970s. He displayed his first exhibition while he was working as an assistant of Claude Lelouche and Federico Fellini in 1978 in the Pan di Carola Barbato Gallery in Rome. Then he experienced lots of artistic expressions like graphics, books and visual art catalog.”Libidine” gained much fame.

He moved to New York in 1981 and he met art circles and worked for famous artists such as Richard Poussete Dart, Arman, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Beverly Peppers and Larry Rivers. He worked as an art director of Artforum International and a designer of different exhibitions, projects and equipments.He travels around the world as a curator of international culture and communication projects based on Rome.

Since 2000, he has focused on the conceptual sculpture researching values of the identity by using isolation of the word and its visual effects.He has created three dimensional works playing with the power of the reminiscent of the identity and word and has used materials such as iron, bronze, copper, aliminium integrated with photography and different ingredients. He has chosen meaningful places in order to form dense dialogue texture, base to the future’s evolution, for his exhibitions and mounting .


2007: Mart di Rovereto; My Own Gallery (Milan); Galleria La Conchiglia (Capri, Napoli)

2009: “Unconditional Love” 53. Biennale di Venezia’da; 4. Biennale di Arte di Baku (Azerbaijan)

2010: Museo di Arte Moderna di Anticoli Corrado (Rome).

2011: Bunker del Castello di Duino “Trieste, scontrosa grazia”; “La Biennale dell’ Umorismo” (Tolentino, Marche); “Cities of New York”, Museo Montemartini di Roma; “Pieve a Colori” al Museo Civico e Diocesano di Santa Maria de’ Servi di Città della Pieve (Perugia).

2012: “East vs West”; “Rosa, rosae” (Città della Pieve, Perugia); “+50” Museo di Palazzo Collicola (Spoleto, Umbria) for Festival di Spoleto ; “La Retina Lucente” Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea di Termoli (Molise).

2013: “Urban Memories NY 1942 2012” Galleria della Biblioteca Angelica (Rome).


Activity a site specific art installation by ANGELO BUCARELLI

Supportive Institutions Italian Cultural Institute in Istanbul

Project Name“Water. Lıke tears of Love ”

Curator Laura Barreca

Organization Pınar Akalın

Application Place İstanbul, Fatih, Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hamamı, Mustantik Street

Application Date and Period September 15 – October 13 2013, invitation only-Special opening September 14 2013

Operator Institution Italian Ministry of Tourism Sport and Regional Affairs, Embassy of Italy in Ankara, Rome Embassy in Republic of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Fatih Municipality The paralel event of the 13rd Istanbul International Biennial.(September 14- November 10 2013)

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