Web In The House!

Canadian furniture and objects designer Katrina Ennamorato created an interesting work with its design named “The Tela” (web). She used the webs reminding abondened houses, unused objects, attics or old stores so realistic that you will think that The Tela has come from ghost movies!

Katrina Ennamorato
Katrina Ennamorato

The Tela (web) side table is made of solid walnut and includes a lavender and pale blue polyester thread detailing which suggests the forming of a delicate web. Solid wood joinery and drawer slides lengthen the life and quality of this piece.
This table was designed to explore negative space which resides between the four legs of this simple table. The proportions allow for balance between the weight of the functional element and the visually complexity of the volume of the web.

Images: Katrina Ennamorato

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