Welcome to the Lego PMD Office

Designers:Rosan Bosch&Rune Fjord
Location: København S, Denmark
Photographs:Anders Sune Berg


LEGO’s designers are the luckiest in the world– they get to play with LEGO all day long! Now, the designers of LEGO’s development department, LEGO PMD, has a physical working environment that corresponds toits playful content– a working environment where fun, play and creativity are paramount and where the physical design gives the adults a chance to be part of children’s play. With the values’fun’,’unity’,’creativity& innovation’,’imagination’ and’sustainability’ as basis for the design, LEGO PMD has become a unique development department where the designers can become part of the children’s fantasy world. LEGO doesn’t just create fun for others– at LEGO PMD working is fun!

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