Wharf Road Wins Chicago Athenaeum/Europe International Architecture Award 2013

Oppenheim is proud to have once again been honored by Chicago Athenaeum for excellence in architecture. Oppenheim had previously been awarded the American Architecture Award and has now received the distinguished International Architecture Award.

The International Architecture Awards are the highest and most prestigious distinguished building awards program that honor new and cutting-edge design.

About Wharf Road

Taking cues from the variety of geological outcroppings across the vastness of Australia’s landscape, the Wharf Road proposal quite simply represents the translation of these features into an urban condition. Nestled between ocean and rain forest, the Project establishes a new benchmark for ecological design within the natural environment. Pushing up from the urban landscape the towe at Wharf Road dematerializes as it meets the skyline. Openings allow light, wind, and nature to pass through the building, across the verdant gardens poetically perched in the sky. Earnest and timeless, the architecture is simultaneously powerful, yet comfortable; straightforward, innovative and elegant.

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