What Fish Tell?

The work that can be the most interesting candidate of all with the miniature dolls: miniature dolls with fish heads.


French artist Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard animates many scenes such as production progress in factories, a court, a prison, talk show, operation etc. by this method. What about looking at the scenes dealing with the social affairs in a humorous way?

aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-09 aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-07 aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-06 aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-04 aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-03 aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-02 aol-anne-catherine-becker-echivard-miniature-scenes-01

Images: http://www.mymodernmet.com/

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