What is Hidden Behind The Doors?

The closed doors, cupboards, closets, basements always attract attention, don’t they? We say “No! Don’t open that door!” to the actors by avoiding an unexpected thing in an horror film, but he/she opens… Or, the things fell on a nosy woman when she opens the closet in a comedy film. Good or bad, we always tend to put our things behind the doors, not to see them if they are not beautiful but can be used one day; or to protect them if they are invaluable…

aol-toiletmeubel-in-gang-dockz-interieurarchitect (5)


You can interpret no matter how you like; Toiletmeubel in Gang designed by DockZ Interieurarchitect.  It was designed for the small living spaces in order to save space; it seems elegant and flasy thanks to its colour, soft lines and the wood itself.

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