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Today is the 7th of October, the beginning of a new month and the first day of our blog. I think it is a very auspicious coincidence that our first post happens to arrive at the beginning of a lunar cycle. Wishing that the month may come with its newness and beauties, I shortly want to mention what I will be talking about in this blog…


“Architecture of Life” will be talking about creativity, design, architecture, art, life and the things that inspire us… In short, it will be talking about all the things that make us feel.
There will come a point where we will be speaking of a small design workshop that we have just discovered. Another time we will mention a meal enjoyed with pleasure, or an exhibition we have just visited or HüseyinÇağlayan’s“table dress”. Creating a dress inspired by or imagined through and object surely makesÇağlayan unique. Still, this not going to be a fashion blog but one where we will be sharing the stuff we see from different perspectives.

Çağlayan Table/Dress
As we try to follow up with what’s going on in the world, we will try to talk about Turkish designers as much as we can. Today most of us know who Philippe Starck is. He has entered our homes with his products from chairs to lemon squeezers as well as architecture. But do we know our own designers as well? Where do we stand in the world?


Philippe Starck Ghost Chair


Philippe Starck Citrus Squezer for Alessi

How many people know about or follow the works ofHakan Gürsu who won the International Design Awards (IDA 2007) considered“the design oscars” in the categories of both sea transport and all transportation? He designed the first sea vehicle to be able to turn around a single point which is also environment friendly, a fuelless sail-boat which sails even when there is no wind.


Do we know whatFaruk Malhan’s most sold design is? We know thatAlev Ebüzziya is one of the best ceramic artists in the world but do we know her industrial products? Do we know that she said“one of the toughest projects of my life” for her design of glasses for Beymen Casa Club?

In time, we will talk about many young artists whose names even I don’t know yet. We will have special chats with architects and designers. There will be videos and we will also be doing some peeping. We will visit others’ homes, witness their lives (which is a part I think will be very amusing!).

“Architecture of Life” is not a design portal or an index. It will be more personal than that. I read something on the paper the other day:“The French swimmer Philippe Croizon who does not have arms or legs swam the English Channel.”


Does Philippe Croizon not excite you as much as Gaudi?


Nowadays Istanbul’s design agenda is pretty busy. Istanbul Design Week is just over. We have hosted many architects, designers, intellectuals. In other words, there is a lot to talk about and we’ll all see how the Blog will shape up.

Lastly, we surely will have plenty of visual material in this blog as in others; to get inspiration from, to act and to build on… I say“we” because I will be expecting your participations. Please do share your experiences, and tell me what excites you. Or I will end up being a nut talking to herself!


Hope this becomes a chatty blog that shares and is shared…

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