When Love Told On Latte

“Coffee Couple”, an art animation Project by Japanese Food Label Maxim Stick telling the story of a young couple who meet, fall in love and grow old together is a very romantic and warm work.

The Project is a stop-motion production using the latte art drawn by handmade stencils. The rich, creamy story that made of the 1,000 cups of stencil latte arts will make you feel nice and warm inside.


“Coffee Couple” is the world’s first stencil latte art animation, and homemade latte that was brewed carefully one by one.
The shooting of Latte-motion Project began at a house studio of Kanawa Prefecture.

The shooting lasted three days in large open kitchen surrounded with wooden furniture. We were particular about the expression of illustration and quality drawn by stenciland cocoa powder , Latte art animation “Coffee Couple” that is made of 1,000 cups of latte is finished!




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