When Recyling Meets Design

There are lots of work for our world polluted , destroyed because of irresponsible consumption, desertificated by environmetal pollution. Artists, designers, actors&actresses, fashion designers, architects, engineers and more have been working to stop this course by recycling, dramas, green buildings, paintings and sculptures.

A very successful one among these works: you will admire these recylcled paper objects.

These objects are the pieces of “Organiz” series designed by Material Immaterial Lab. Each piece has been painstakingly handcrafted with utmost attention to detail and strives to capture the essence of nature.


aol-material-immaterial-lab-recycled-paper-objects-03 aol-material-immaterial-lab-recycled-paper-objects-02 aol-material-immaterial-lab-recycled-paper-objects-01

Images: Sameer Tawde

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