When We Have Time To Protect Our Planet… BioMatrix Water

Bio-remediation is one of the love stories of the new paradigm. These images are of the process of the healing of polluted waterways Envision a world in which the waters run clear and the aquatic ecosystems are diverse and healthy.

Biomatrix is a ecological tasarım firm working on the water restoration projects around the world. At the video, you will see BW Galen Fulford in Manila, Phillippines. A floating active island is cleaning the dirty canale. An inspiring, amazing, tiring but fertile and enjoyable work: Biomatrix Water Technology from Biomatrix Water Solutions on Vimeo. At the following pictures, you will see the “before&after” images: aol-biomatrix-water-01 aol-biomatrix-water-02 aol-biomatrix-water-03 aol-biomatrix-water-04 aol-biomatrix-water-05 aol-biomatrix-water-06   Images Biomatrix

Occupy Love

“Occupy Love” is another love story dedicated, open-minded and having free-thinking by rising like trees with roots, mercy, action and conscious. Their slogan is “Seize the days before the day seizes us.” It is very suitable for the group taking their name from “occupy”.

They will open their hearts with empathy to those still locked in fear and apathy, for those who have lost their way, for those who mock us in our loving, for they are us, and they are them. There is no separation. To love them is to love their own, and until they practice self love, the journey will be incomplete. They are the 100%.
You will feel the sincere love to get the nature back and see the efforts while watching the short film.

Images & video; http://occupylove.org/

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