“While You Are Sleeping” by ARSLAN SÜKAN


Transformations, that one experiences by opening his/her self and universe to posibilities to reach infinite freedom and a new reality.

Galerist is now hosting a solo exhibition titled as”While You Are Sleeping” by Arslan Sükan, one of the new representatives of Turkish Contemporary Art. There are 16 photos on the exhibition opened on 1st March, which question the effects of world’s development and the illusion of dimension concept with the specific approach of the artist. As always, there was a great interest to the exhibition in Galerist where there was held a colorful opening.

Reshaping architectural elements by often using perspectives which examine the actions from spots higher than the ground, Sükan creates new forms.Thanks to the traditional photography and digital manipulation techniques he applies, the images turn into something beyond the world.They make us expect both the hope and the danger. You see the hope on the sea and the indefiniteness on the pitch-black, empty sky; a red one also reminds the danger of war alerts… It symbolizes the indefinite life of human, remaining buildings and human’s effort to survive within this indefiniteness.

We had a short interview with Arslan Sükan on his new exhibition…

The hidden identity in your photos domineer the person looking at it.How can you explain this power of your photos?

I’m glad my works have such impacts.But my aim, while completing these works, was not to do what you told.What I’m trying to do here is, to create a new form and mind by combining the main themes of existence, illusion and simplicity with my own imagination.

Does the photos on which you use manipulation technique arise the feeling”I’m creating a new world”?

This is entirely the decision of the audience…

You, as seems on your photos, captured the illusion of the concept of dimension.So, if the concepts take form in the mind of each human, can we say the human lives entirely in an illusion?

In some cases, all of us are in the illusion.We are able to notice it from time to time, but I think we continue our lives, often under strong pressure.

The name of the exhibition,”While You Are Sleeping” is honestly stunning. I find it very poetic as well. What do you think we miss while we are sleeping?

Rather than what’s missed, we may consider asking what we gain as well, while sleeping…

What steps and filters does a photo go through before it becomes an Arslan Sükan photo?

There is no method or application guide for that.I can say that I trust my inner feelings on my works.

It’s like you have crowned the darkness with colors.If you had a chance to be able to see a color even in total darkness, which one would you see?

I would like to see color that I have never seen until now…

The artist, in his works, is trying to change and simplify somethings; create destruction on one hand and a new posibility on the other hand. By conceptualizing what affects him, he invents new spaces and buildings out of darkness. These buildings are fictionalized as well… He restructs the different conditions of human’s dark life and the planet; and while doing it, what is far away seems close and what is big seems small… An infinite relation between the existence and nonexistence of human in his own planet. And this photo series is trying to get into this world of a new reality.

Arslan SÜKAN, born in 1973, studied Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in Bilkent University and then moved to New York. He studied photography in School of Visual Arts there. He still goes on his photography works in Face Paper and Crash in France, L’uomo Vogue in Italy. He was deemed an award in the Best Contemporary Photography in New York Photo Festival in 2009. His works were exhibited in mixed exhibitions in Masion des Metallos in Paris, Kappatos Gallery in Atina and NYPH– New Visionaires in New York. Sükan, as you may remember, also had a project consisting of backstage shoots of world-wide famous fashion parades. He shooted backstages of fashion shows in NY, London, Milano and Paris. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the artist is not a fashion photographer and he wants to be remembered with his conceptual works. That’s why you need to go to Galerist Tepebaşı; to see these photos in bigger size. You still have time until 26th March… I’m pretty sure that you will have a much different view of”things” just after you leave the exhibition.

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