Whimsical and playful: FLIP!

“Sit up straight!”

“Tidy up your room!”

“Do I have to do everything in this house?!”

All the words and the yellings we have heard and all the things we have done to feed the chaos in our rooms, whatever we have done or not, it surely is that those were days… Everything, toy or not, was a gateway to an other dimension, to an other World.

But how about now? When we look to the designs and ideas of this day, are they still availible to extend the imagination of our children? Or the furniture in our houses… Are they meant to be stand still?

After these kinds of innovations, now it seems the functionality of them are increasing with each passing day!

Meet the FLIP!

Designed by Marco Hemmerling, this playful chair has the dimensions of 65x70x35 cm and a weight of 3.4 kg. It is formed of resistant and cushy foam, which is light in weight and hence enables easy handling. A unique feature of the furniture piece is that it changes its look and can be arranged in various sitting positions. The seat of the chair is curvy in shape and ideal to be used in indoor and outdoor spaces too. It also offers options of six shades to suffice individual tastes, which includes fire, sky, rose, cloud, sun and grass. The design of the chair makes it suitable for kids who can use it both as a seat as well as a toy.

Presented in the design hot spot Zona Tortona during the Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan, the users have already made their purchase orders!

We hope you like it too! For more information and contact details, take look in their website!

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