Who enjoys working together: Reymers – Richards

Sebastian Reymers and Amanda Richards… One studied Architecture department in America, the other one studied interior design in Germany. Telling which one is architect or interior designer is not important for design-duo. They are focusing on the results not the details. When you check their web site  to learn about the design-duo, it’s easy to have an idea about their sense of humor.

They choose to tell themselves by these sentences: ‘We love large and furry or small and smooshy faced dogs. We consider ice cream and Mexican food to be worthy hobbies, and pursue them as such.’

Their lives are spread across two continents, sometimes with mixed results but at the heart of things we are just making things that make us love design. If you wonder the mixedresults, you could contact with them. They are really open to communicate. They will asap answer you.

When we check the products they designed, first of all we will tell about the Light Pack. The Light Pack family has 3 members with different colours.

Nook is a rotomoulded lego for organized adults. Quantity and the placement are up to you. You could create your own Nook.

Pep is tired of coat hooks being hidden against the wall or taking up space in a corner. Push them around to grab a jacket instead of pulling off coats to get to the bottom of the pile. Hang some at different heights to allow a child or person in a wheelchair to hang coats without needing to have a different style of hooks.

You could see the clip of the product below.

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