Why Do We Love Ecological Designs?!

Among the designs which we encounter a new one every day, Jackrocki comes first on attracting us with its”eco dna” -which amazed the design world. The secret of this word of eight letters is recyclable paper fibers. Jacrocki is produced by Okinawa in different thichness and color alternatives. We see it in many forms: sometimes on a shopping bag, sometimes on a raincoat or an organic vase design.


Okinawa and hits product Jacroki!



And…We loved”Neorustica” series of the designer Brunno Jahara. Jahara designed extraordinary furnishings with garbage wooden pieces. When you see them colored, you will definitely desire one of them as yours. Whether the striped one, or the white one…



Among this incessant flood of new ecological designs, Nokia E-Cu is shining out. Sit back and imagine a mobile phone… which is charged by the heat of your pocket or radiator! Even utopical dreams come true with E-Cu series mobile phones which have been designed by English designer Patrick Hyland for Nokia. This design can charge itself up thanks to its termogenerator which converts heat into energy.



Green life goes on surprising us as it gives the hope. Ahhaproject drew attention with marginal”Biomass” garbage bags which they designed to convert the garbage into biofuel. And the colors and graphics on these bags help us to put the correct kind of materials in correct bags. Remember! Every Biomass garbage bag is for something. With only one of these garbage bags, you can make 100 cups of tea for yourself or shave for 10.000 times. If you’re wondering what you can do more, keep reading what’s written on the bags…



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Keep searching for green…

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