Wine Terrace and Spa by Gereben Marián Architects

Wine; passionate, romantic and vertiginous… Today, we are visiting a place incredibly in harmony with the character of wine.


Deep in the majestic Eger wine region lies a long neglected vineyard, which is home to an exceptional grape variety, the “archiepiscopal” wine grape. The fruit of centuries of cultivation has inspired the local wine maker and his partners to preserve and present it to the public. The replanted grapes produce an unrivalled wine and the vineyard welcomes visitors who long for exceptional scenery, ancient grapes and relaxation.

Let’s look at the photographs and prepare your own journey. Hope you will enjoy…

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Project Name: Wine Terrace and Spa
Architects: Gereben Marián Architects
Location: Eger, Almagyar, 3300 Hungary
Architect In Charge: Péter Gereben, Balázs Marián
Design Team: Gergely Álmos, Péter Mészáros, Tamás Mezey, Kálmán Nyilas
Area: 230.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Zsolt Frikker, Dávid Lukács, Balázs Marián

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