Winnow Stool- A Modern Version Of Cane Woven Baskets

Winnow Stool, getting its name from the cane woven Winnow baskets, a curved cane basket used across India as a means of separating rice grains, is of a story itself.


Hand made and used in a variety of functions, sometimes a separator for rice grains, sometimes a blessing material during traditional ceremonies, these stools are the combinations of the natural texture of the cane woven baskets with modern lines. These stools are available in mild steel, powder coated and stainless steel with either a lattice-work or cane-work.

aol-bombay-atelier-winnow-stool-02 aol-bombay-atelier-winnow-stool-03 aol-bombay-atelier-winnow-stool-05

Images: Bombay Atelier

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