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Some things are beyond time… Wire and mesh chairs are, for instance, timeless. Creating three-dimensional wire designs starting with Charles and Ray Eames, providing sculptural images without leaving simplicity like ‘Wire Chair’ designed by Tom Dixon, romantic chairs by Patricia Urquola for emu, Karim Rashid’s Spaghetti Planter have been favourites for famous designers. Wires sometimes meet wood dedicating to 60s elegant furniture. Like Elston Arm Chair on Create & Barrel. Some of them are designed by weaving colourful ropes like Marni chairs or Mudo’s Acapulco Multi Lounge Chairs…They are just like drifting to Mexican beaches…

It is possible to see lots of DIY (Do it yourself) designs such as lighting units, jewelery and baskets made from wires by design-lovers for themselves on internet sites like Pinterest and blogs. DIY adventures inspired by famous and award-winner designers’ elegant aesthteic approaches and their experiences do not seem to be over, it has been more interesting and famous because these projects get positive feedbacks and add different notions. Whether they are comfortable enough or not, who doesn’t want to put these sculptural designs around massive wooden tables, or color the gardens without creating image density like colorful flowers on lush gardens, decorating rooms with expressionist lighting objects like classic lampshades purified from unnecessary items and transformed into bare light bulbs?

We present best wire designs like iconic ones created by vitalizing the wires or the ones such as desktop objects, baskets, candleholders, closets and lighting units designed and produced by famous brands below. Hope you will get inspiration and create your own living spaces…


a. Spaghetti Planter, Karim Rashid

b. Bertoia Diamond Chair, KNOLL

c. Paper Clip Coffee Table,  KNOLL

d. Organic Blown Glass Pendant,West Elm

e. Re-Trouve Garden Chairs designed by PATRICIA URQUIOLA for Emu

f- Seletti, PARALUMI Metal Lighting Hood

g- Con.tradition Lighting by young designer Sara Bernardi for Opinionciatti



1. Carbon Chair, by Bertjan Pot & Marcel Wanders for Mooi, 2004

2. Hot Mesh Chair

3. Leaf Side Chair, by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper, 2005

4.Tom Dixon Wire Chair

5.Lucy, by young designer Gaurav Nanda for bend seating

6. Eames Wire Chair

7. Elston Arm Chair, Create&Barrel

8. Cradle Chair

9. Tig Chair, Crate&Barrel

10. L’abbate chair

World Famous Italian Designer SELETTI’s Wire Designs

Seletti FANTASTICO DOMESTICO Collection Wire Baskets


Chicken Wire Basket from legends and Wire Rabbit Basket from Alice in Wonderland… Seletti Fanatstico Domestico Collection is the best choice for your invitations.Your guests will like these enjoyable baskets very much. For more information and to buy, you can visit the links above or for other designs POMSTORE .


Seletti les Volieres Wire Closets

Kikerland Organizer

Letter Organizer Bear for Wall or Desk

Geat letter organizer for desk or wall. Baked enamel on steel. Comes with mounting hardware.

Letter Organizer Elephant

The elephant letter or magazine organizer can sit on a desk or be mounted to a wall. When mounted, its trunk becomes a key holder. Comes with mounting hardware. Baked enamel on steel.

Flensted Mobiles


Ole Flensted Futura Mobile
Futura Mobile is the first mobile that Ole Flensted designed and presented in 1970. There are light and heavy sticks and the balance is surprising. This mobile can be the best choice as a present for your friends. Suitable for all living places.

Each mobile is a different mood, different planet…For other Flensted mobile designs, please click here.

By the way, we highly recommend you to read our previous articles about mobile and wire designs Alexander Calder and Wilson’s Wire Work.   We know that their story will attract your attention.


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