Witches’ Kitchen

Architecture of Life team, following and sharing the newest and best designs, decided to remember and remind an amazing collection: “Witches’ Kitchen”.

Witches’ Kitchen collection- designed by Studio Tord Boontje for Artecnica’s Design With Conscience was at Zona Tortona in 2008.


Tthe collection is a collaborative effort in sustainable design commissioned by Artecnica, designed by Studio Tord Boontje, and made by artisan communities in Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala.


The ceramic cooking pots have a surface decoration created by pressing leaves from the surrounding jungle into the clay when the artisans are shaping the pots. The leaves burn away in the kiln firing and leave a fossil-like mark.

Skillful Witches! Come to the kitchen!

WK_Utensils_jpg_472x1200_q85 WK_Casserole_Saucepan_jpg_472x1200_q85 Pots_fire_1_jpg_968x1200_q85 Pots_and_garlic_jpg_472x1200_q85 pomegranite_1_jpg_472x1200_q85 Landscape_kitchen_1_jpg_968x1200_q85 Evie__Renata_jpg_472x1200_q85

Images: S.Tord Boontje

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