World- famous designers, architects and academics who are interested in sustainability are in Istanbul for 3rd International Green Buildings Summit!

Architect, engineer and activist Carlo Ratti who is among the 50 people to change the world and does researches on “Smart Cities” in ‘SENSEable’ City lab in MIT; Professor Patrick Bellew -environmental engineer of Sİngapore Gardens Bay which is the biggest tropical garden generating its own energy; Neil Thomas-the founder of Atelier One that is known for the famous projects such as Anish Kappor Cloud Gate Sculpture, U2 360 tour stage design and opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic London; Duncan Swinhone-the design director of Shangai Tower that is one of the most iconic and attractive environment-friendly buildings of Shangai’s city silhouette with its transparent spiral form; Professor David Turnbull- the creator of the football pitch “Pitch Africa “ project which will be able to provide potable water for 1000 African people per day by collecting and filtering 1.8 million liters of rain water during the whole year and more famous ones at 3rd International Green Buildings Summit at Swissotel on February 20-21.

This year, International Green Buildings Summit  will be held third times in order to pioneer the transformation of construction sector by Çevre Dostu Yeşil Binalar Derneği (ÇEDBİK) (Environment Friendly Green Buildings Association) at Swissotel the Bosphorus on February 20-21 2014. The summit which treated a lot of international and Turkish speaker and approximately 1200 participators in the past years will treat more than 100 important specialist speakers this year. There will be 40 sessions during the summit by the moderator Cüneyt Özdemir.

Among the speakers of this year’s summit;

Italian architect, engineer, educationist and activist Carlo Ratti is one of the most striking speakers of the summit about smart cities. Carlo Ratti who works as a lecturer in MIT(Massachusetts Instıtution Technology) is also the director of the “SENSEable City Lab” that he founded in 2003 in the institute. Ratti, who defends that cities are able to feel and respond as living beings, is doing researches on how the latest technologies affect the city life, city design and urbanism concept; examining the relationship between sensor and technology and environment and architecture. Ratti also opened a research center on “The Future of Urban Mobility” in Singapore. Ratti, who was chosen as one of the 50 people changing the world by the magazine American Wired will share his perspective on urban concept with new sensor and electronic devices with the participants.

Neil Thomas who is the founding partner of Atelier One and who has performed sustainable architectural and engineering projects and created unique works requiring courage  will inspire with his projects bringing volume worldwide at the 3rd International Green Buildings Summit. Opening Ceremony of 2012 Olympics London, Annish Kappor Cloud Gate sculpture at Chicago Millenium Park and the tallest staged named “The Claw” and breaking box-office records at the U2’s world tour in cooperation with Mark Fisher are among his world-famous projects of Neil Thomas who works in cooperation with the most successful architects, artists and designers . He also performed these projects: Gardens by the Bay Singapore-the biggest tropical garden generating its own energy and the Cultural Center awarded architectural design  in Melbourne, Australia. Neil Thomas who achieved many projects such as art galleries, concert halls, bridges, residentials, sculptures, stage designs of famous singers and music groups- U2, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Take That- also designed  the stages of  ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee’- the 60th celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne.

Another important speaker is Professor Patrick Bellew-the director of Atelier Ten and who is the environmental engineer performing Gardens by the Bay Singapore- the biggest tropical garden generating its own energy and which is demonstrated as an international sustainable example thanks to providing solutions by the tasks filtering the rain water and as panels of the artificial trees that are 25-50 metres tall. Gardens by the Bay of 30.000 sqm located in the Singapore marinas is known as the best garden all over the world. Gardens by the Bay has been built for 1 billion dollars and awarded several design and environmentalist prizes. The project which is a very important part of the strategy”transformation the garden city into a city in the gardens” of the government  is aiming to boosting the life quality by giving spaces to more plants in the cities. 170 firms from 24 countries had applied for the project being the icon of the city. Artificial trees were produced for Gardens Bay. The branches of the trees collecting the sunlight during the day and blazing at night act as solar panels. Besides, these trees act as ventilators to create airflow in the park. and canalize the rain water in a hygenic way during the rain period.

Bill Dunster is “the greenest architecture in England” awarded  and a very famous person who is the founder of ZEDFactory. ‘Hope House’ built by Dunster-performed the projects such as “Earth Centre SkyZED Flower Tower, Velocity – High Denisty Developement, Zed Pavilion Shangai”-  is known as a prototype of the living spaces of low energy. Dunster focusing the designs of zero carbon and also has lots of prizes on sustainability thanks to his studies on the designs affecting the environment less by studying with academics and consultants.

Award winning architect Ian Taylor who determines new standards at environmental designs with his projects, is one of the leaders of London Office and the associate of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios ; Duncan Swinhone-  the design director of environment friendly building Shangai Tower which has 121 floors and is 632 metres tall and is the most iconic and striking building of Shangai’s urban silhoutte; Ian Mulcahey- the chairman of Gensler; Scot Horst- the vice-chairman of American Green Buildings Council, James Drink Water- the director of The Politics of  World Green Buildings Council; Professor David Turnbull- one of the creators of the football pitch “Pitch Africa” which will be ablle to provide potable water for Africans and more famous people will be in Istanbul on 21-22 February for 3rd International Buildings Summit!

A great many speakers from Turkey such as Hakan Gürdal- general manager of AkçanSa and vice-chairman of  the board of İMSAD; Murat Tabanlıoğlu; Nihat Kandaloğlu- the chairman of the board of Baltalimanı Construction Torusm  Inc.; Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu- the founding partner of Teğet Architects; Alaeddin Babaoğlu- the founding partner and the chirman of the board of Amplio; Tunç Korun- the chairman of the board of Form Grup; Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu- the general manager of Çimsa; Haydar Özkan- the joint venture and the chief executive officer of Viatrans In. Meydanbey will insire the participants at the summit.

The Green Buildings Summit held by ÇEDBİK which is a leader civil society organization about sustainable/green buildings and cities will gather the specialists at conferences, seminars and panels and will create a qualified discussion platform for knowledge shairing.

This year, the subjects such as renewable energy technologies, sustainability, green financing, local managements, NGO and professional chambers, materials-innovation, the construction rules, encouragement, regulations, sustainable cities and societies  will be handled at the summit; current sustainable projects from Turkey and other countries will be shared. Important unions, associations and educational institutions such as TÜSİAD ,TSE, TMB,  İNDER , İMSAD , İTÜ, TTDM and ISKAV also support the summit.

The main theme of this year’s summit is: “Sustainability-Exceed The Limits”

Construction sector is emerging with “sustainable/green buildings” and “sustainable/green cities” concepts both national and international areas. The main target of the conferences is gathering the best national and international components; providing the inspiration of the projects exceeding the limits of design, innovative ideas and models to the participants in order to support Turkey at the beginning of the 21st century.

On the 2nd day of the summit, Joseph B. Marfi-managing the Turner Construction’s- one of the most powerful developing company- sustainable and LEED certificated projects will provide Green Projects Education for sector specialists. Participants will be given certificates WGBC approved. Joseph is also a member of USGBC Pacific Council and Hungary Green Buildings Council.

At the summit, Paul King (UKGBC),Scott Hurst (USGBC), Johannes Kreissig (DGNB),Ana Cunha Cribellier (HQE) and Duygu Erten (TGBC)will be speakers at the session titled “What Is Happening In The World At Green Buildings’s Motion?”

Annual Meeting of World’s Green Buildings Councils European Regional Network (ERN) is in Turkey for the first time in the concept of International Green Buildings Summit.

WGBCERN (World’s Green Buildings Councils European Regional Network) is an international network representing more than 30 national Green Buildings Council and more than 3,500 member companies in Europe. The first meeting in 2014 of this network(also including ÇEDBİK) will be held in Turkey on February 20 2014.

Dr. Christine Lemaitre-CEO of DGNB, Paul King- director of England green Buildings Council Politics, James Drink Water- director of World Green Buildings Politics, Joseph Marfi- member of Hungary Green Buildings Council, Johannes Kreissig- director of Sustainable Architects and the members of the Green Buildings Councils of the countries such as France, Spain and Germany.

The launch of Turkey’s first National Green Buildings Certificate will be at the summit.

Another important activity is the launch of National Green Buildings Certificate. The systems evaluating the buildings and residentials according to environmental effects have a significant role at the transformation period into green. At the last summit, National Green Buildings Certificate will support Turkey’s sustainable development. All the detaiils of the Green Buildings Systems will be explained by more than 100 academics, institute representer, companies and NGO.

“Green Schools” project’s 3rd session will be introduced at 3rd International Green Buildings Summit.
ÇEDBİK- the leader of Green Transformation in Turkey has added a new one to its studies and make Turkey be among the 29 other countries in the “Green Schools Project”. This project is an international one aiming to create contemporary and secured educational buildings for students.Dr. Duygu Erten- the chairman of the board of ÇEDBİK stated that as ÇEDBİK, they were pleasure to be the part of an international attempt.


ÇEDBİK was founded in order to asist in the construction sector of Turkey in terms of sustainable principles in 2007 in Turkey. The Association which aims to be an establishment useful for construction sector shareholders have held trainings, panels and conferences to increase societal awareness and to encourage on producing in terms of sustainable principles; and have been developing projects and working models that are examples for regional administrations, universities, public and private sectors. ÇEDBİK, having more than 140 members and assisting in sustainable urban transformation, energy efficiency and green building in Turkey with its studies has WGBC. The association works for buildings and residentials constructed by sustainable principles to create more qualified living spaces.
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