Woven by Bram Vanderbeke

‘Woven’ is a working desk by Bram Vanderbeke, design to a redouble personal focus on the work. Thanks to this brilliant design, it is possible to work very personally/privately, but without losing contact with everything around the working space.

Not only functional, this desk looks interesting and decorative with it’s capsule-like design.

The designer Vanderbeke says: “On the basis of sketches, models and experimenting in the atelier, I’m looking for an attractive and functional design. In the end I get a piece of furniture where I bend eight wooden slats in a way around a worktop and weave them with each other. I provide slots between the wooden slats, which makes any contact with the environment possible. The way the strips are woven, emphasizes the place value of the desk and makes a solid form”.

This modern and sketchy looking working space might increase your working quality without loosing your eye contact with the others, when neden. Don’t you think?

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