Wuhan Echo Club by Crox International

Tsung-Jen Lin from Crox International, who has been choosen one of the 100 great Designers of Taiwan by International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the organizers of Taiwan’s Innovation and Design Center, have designed Wuhan Echo Club in Wuhan, China.

Inspiration for the place derives from the streets of Wuhan, where the street venders bellowing, the Mahjong tiles clattering, happy citizens laughing, mixed together to become this rhapsodized sound wave. The sound waves of music can be seen echoing through the sofas, the ceiling, the structural beams, around every corner and even within the private rooms.

Through the fiery red entrance comes the white cloudy planes. The burning sound waves reflected on the monochromatic stone floor seems to play like the keys of a piano, and in this surrealistic blank canvas, amongst the free floating of cloudy sofas, is where the youth can relax.

Hence a display window to the studio was installed with an semi open waiting area facing the studio for people, in waiting, to become ‘followers’ of amateur vocalists.

Echo Club creates an illusionary atmosphere though its original design, in full efforts to innovate new realms of elation.

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