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From a small act big transformations can be created…


Thinking that we can save the planet is an idea that circles around our minds everyday, that makes us feel a little guilty about the world, that probably, in silence, makes us feel ashamed of our actions and find excuses in other people’s actions that justify our lack of will to help.



If we could just contribute with something small, something not very demanding, that doesn’t force us to change the rhythm of our lives, something that wouldn’t make us activists and simply gives us the relief of helping, lightening the weight we carry and making us feel better about ourselves.

Then, why not do it?
By just moving a finger for 3 seconds, we give water to a plant. If we repeat this small act everyday it becomes an act that helps the planet.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Colombia

Executive Creative Directors: German Espitia, Fernando Hernandez, Mauricio Sarmiento

Art Directors: Wilson Gonzalez, Fernando Hernandez

Copywriters: Lukas Calderon, German Espitia

Illustrators: Wilson Gonzalez, Fernando Hernandez

Industrial Designers: Paola Torrenegra, Fabian Pulido

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