Born in 1988, South Korean young designer Yong Jeong majored in industrial design and designs products, furniture, space and other diverse stuff. As identical as the words he chose to express himself, in his design, he says he try to explore unique form, method and ideal feeling by using his memories and imagination.

As Architecture of Life, we would like to introduce this young talent with some of his works. You can also take a look to his official website for his designs and contact information from here: http://www.jeongyong.com/


Designed in 2012, Dora is a CD-player that rotates on 23.4 degree slanted axis like the World. The front panel has a speaker and the backside is the part for us to insert a CD. It also has a remote control to complete the whole concept that gives us a simple design of three basic forms: A cylinder shaped body, a triangular pyramid shaped stand and a remote control in rectangular form.

DORA CD Player @Jeong Yong


Also designed in 2012, this unique table calendar is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and simple magnets. It is composed with three differently-sized rings. The biggest ring with 31 units represents the sun, the middle sized ring with 12 units represents the moon and the smallest ring with 7 units represents the people who created the seven days of the week. Held together with magnets at their intersection points, these rings are waiting for to indicate the date of your day.

ONE Table Calander @Jeong Yong


Designed for Morris, this white and plastic highlighter has a cute yellow star shaped nib for you to indicate a sentence that aroused your interest.

FLOPEN Highlighter @Jeong Yong


As a product that connects people and nature, Nature Pot is a humidifier that has a form of an organic nature. It also can be used as a vase by putting flowers or accessories on one of the two holes which is stretched like branches. Beautiful.

NATURE POT Humidifier @Jeong Yong


Made of ABS composed material, Snap Hangers are consists of two units similar to a pair of scissors. A snap fastener is added to the part where two units join so that the two units can be attached and detached. It is designed to fold and unfold like a pair of scissors. Yes, it could not be so strong when it comes to heavy clothes or some skirts but beyond the extraordinary situations, these clothes-hangers are so easy to use and unfold again. Plus, you can combine with one another with ease, leading to spatial advantage. In favor of portability and emergence uses, they have what it takes.



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