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Architecture and (Media) Design are art forms that exist independently from one another. Over the last few years they have been growing together. They are entering into symbiotic dependencies and stimulations. Against the background of the information technologies, architecture has gained a new reality. No longer are objects or processes the constituting elements of a building. Now they are described as technical networks of communicating nodes, which balance themselves in contrived patterns.

“Augmented Structures v1.1: Acoustic Formations/Istiklal Street” is an augmented structure, an installation by Refik Anadol and Alper Derinboğaz which is created through the use of innovative parametric architecture and audiovisual techniques. The project deals with a new mediated space: How to translate the logic of media into architecture?

As Architecture of Life team we proudly enjoy sharing these types of installations. Today we like to focus on young talent Refik Anadol as we did on Erdem Helvacıoğlu’s latest installation at Arter – Istanbul.

Refik Anadol who has graduated from Istanbul Bilgi Univercity Photography and Video Division, has displayed his installation work together with Architect Alper Derinboğaz on the facade of Yapı Kredi Kültür Center Building facing Galatasaray – Taksim – Istanbul, a few months ago. At certain times of the day, sounds on Istiklal Street – Taksim – Istanbul were recorded, then edited in studio and the final electro acoustic score was used together with visual projections on facade of the building. This was a first time in Turkey.

Here we like to share the video of Anadol’s Taksim installation work and also his other photograpghy works in the picture gallery below.

You can follow Refik Anadol on hisportfolio andblog

Augmented Structures v1.1: Acoustic Formations/ Istiklal Street fromRefik Anadol onVimeo.

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