Young Talents Kabo – Pydo

Katarzyna Borkowska  and Tomasz Pydo … This is designer duo. They design and manufacture and sell their products. The products are exhibited in different fairs and design weeks. Last time we saw them in Ambiente Fair. This week they will be in‘Less’ exhibition in Poland.

They work together in many areas including furniture, ceramics, glass, lighting, packaging, branding and other. In these projects they depend on customer needs. The most important thing is functionality for them. They take inspiration from observation of the environment, people and their behavior. They are looking for problems that we can solve and we try to find a new perspective for product.

Both of them have been awarded several times. The awards – honorable mention in the Graduation Projects 2010/2011, Rosenthal and Elle Decoration award Make Me! Competition 2011, first prize in Designer Glass Competition 2011, honorary mention in the Future Generation in 2011, the prize in the Art of Packaging in the category of container glass, first prize in the competition Young Furniture 2009.

Plates to snap form the system, designed by Kabo, giving many opportunities to lay them in the compositions. Consisting of a plate hexagon, plate rhombus and plate triangle. The structures that form you can easily type in the shape of table and they organize space on the table.

Martini glass Bombay Sapphire Refreshment, by Kabo, is inspired by a sapphire bottle and refreshing, which can be experienced when drinking this exceptional liquor. In the full is made in glass in shades of sapphire. Its thick walls help keep him and effectively insulate from heat liquor. Flow through the leg in the glass enclosed air bubbles, which are associated with refreshment.‘Float’ them up and‘connect’ with the drink.

Wrappie, designed by Pydo, is a lamp whose height can be freely adjusted thanks to a long cable wrapped around a ceramic tube. Materials used in the lamp have been used to the fullest– multi-functional cable supports the lamp, adjusts its height and, coupled with noble ceramics, serves an aesthetic function by creating an interesting structure around the shade. The lamp is characterised by the frankness of the material used and a rough form, which are directly related to its function.

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