Zoomlion Headquarters Exhibition Center by amphibianArc

Californian architecture practice amphibianArc have designed a shape-shifting “transformer building” facade for a Chinese machinery company Zoomlion.

Fuctions as an exhibition center, this huge buildings facade actually moves, flaps like the wings of a huge insect.

The double skin system throughout the building makes this “transformer building” possible. The inner skin takes care of the enclosure and building systems. The outer skin contains operable portions which can be opened or closed to mimic different animal forms. From a plain rectangular box as the initial state, the north facade transforms into an eagle and a butterfly, the south folds into a swimming frog. Hinged steel and glass panels at both ends of the building are mounted on hydraulic arms, allowing them to open and close.

The building is due to be built on a site at Zoomlion’s science park in Changsha, Hunan Province and will be used for exhibitions and product displays.

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