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Elegant, very elegant designs…

Today, we meet ZPStudio Tools and learn enthralling design processes of them.

ZPSTUDIO TOOLS is a project of self-production by ZPSTUDIO: we are a Florence-based architecture and design office committed to creating ideas for exhibition and commercial spaces, corporate brand solutions and product design. The studio has been focusing recently on self-production (or independent design) through a research between traditional and avant-garde tecniques.

All objects from ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection have been manufactured with the collaboration of Tuscan craftsmen, and they narrate the valuable know-how and skills of Made in Italy small scale production. Through a design driven process, artisan techniques are fostered by innovation and new technologies: traditional wood turning or metal spinning are mixed with the use of semifinished materials directly deriving from industrial production. The result is a collection of objects with a narrative twist, telling about an entire production process, in a perfect balance between craft and design.

Let’s look at the elegant designs of ZPStudio Tools:

Made out from a single Carrara marble block, Plug has a simple structure and multiple use: if placed on the floor, it is a stand for three umbrellas, being inserted by their very ends. If placed over a top, it turns into a nice candleholder, performing at its best the honest grace of marble. Plug is made in Carrara by skilled marble workers through CNC process, and then carefully refined by hand.

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Before describing Ottone Secondo, one of the three designs of ZPStudio Tools made from Carrara marble, we should mention Ottone. Ottone is a ceiling lamp inspired by an encounter with a florentine artisan and his ancient workshop, riddled with solid wood counterforms, brass and copper sheets. A single brass sheet is handcrafted on the lathe, where it is laid and curved over a solid wood counterform; the same tecnique as the one used to turn the silver cuples of a very famous and ancient florentine embossed silver manufacturer.


This table version of the ceiling lamp Ottone brings together two peculiar manufacturings, both standing out par excellence and deeply grounded in the tradition of Tuscan craftmanship: the white Carrara marble base pedestal is processed through CNC machines and then accurately refined by hand. The brass lampshade is turned on a lathe from a brass plate, over a solid wood counterform, the same tecnique as the one used to turn the silver cuples for the ancient florentine embossed silver manufacturing.



In Clochette table lamp a copper lampshade clings on a white Carrara Marble pedestal, with a pink marble sphere as a handle to direct the beam of light. The unique design enhances the qualities of natural, classical materials. The marble base is made through CNC machines and then accurately refined by hand; the copper lampshade comes from a copper plate, that is turned on a lathe over a solid wood counterform.




Here is the news! At the moment, ZPStudio Tools produces and sell products by order, but they will be soon available on some shops online.
Please keep following our blog for the other designs of ZPStudio Tools.

Images: ZP Studio Tools

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