Galata With Its New Artistic Structures and Sensing Architecture

I do not know the last time you were in Galata; but if you live in Istanbul, you must have witnessed the change aroundGalata and been glad to see that.Galata which is powered with its history of 15 centuries is now a hot spot for art again. I’ve been to Serdar-i Ekrem Street for my dance class and I saw that it has changed compeletely in one year after the fashion designer Bahar Korçan moved in. First, famous fashion designers one by one, then art galleries… Galata now has a new dynamism focused on design.

Galata and around is where can keep diversity alive and make one experience it at the same time. That people from various ethnic roots live there enrichens Galata in sense of culture. People respect each other’s differences, creating a colorful mosaic.

There were so many unused and idle building in Galata… Today, these buildings are restorated one by one. Here is one of them;”NOA- ALİ HOCA 6″ apartments whose renovation was carried byGalata AŞ. and architecture project belongs toPlan A architecture. It was deemed the ArkiPARC Real Estate Award in house renovation field in 2008.

Building dated back to 1976 was built as an office building of reinforced concrete in accordance with the architecture and lifestyle of the period. Ali Hoca 6, with 25 modern and environment-friendly houses in sizes ranging between 55m2 and 130m2 some of which have a garden or terrace, gives a new lease of life to the multi-layered historical texture of Galata. Studio-type living spaces are on the focus in NOA- Ali Hoca 6.

The apartment building which I was in coincidently, impressed me a lot with the art exhibitions in its hallways and musical installation by Erdem Helvacıoğlu in its entrance. So I decided to mention the new form of Galata and its new places designed with artists in Architecture of Life…

Not being seen often today, all of buildings in past would be an artist work with their stairs, ceilings and such… It’s so nice to melt the art in real life… And how nice to see a musical installation before a building entrance… Especially if the installation belongs to such a name as Erdem Helvacıoğlu who is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Turkey…

When you enter through the door, the speakers placed in various locations spread instrumental electronic music, and a video is played in screens on walls. A day is divided into 8 pieces in Erdem Helvacıoğlu’s work and every slice has 30 different composition randomly picked by computer. So you hear another music when you pass by in the morning and another music in the evening well-matched for evening mode…

What was done in Ali Hoca is what they call as”Sensing Architecture“; where architecture should be headed by finding links between architectural design, neuroscience and new technology. It’s amazing to evoke all of the senses, to personify, to give people something to remember after they leave the place.

All I remember from apartment buildings is the music playing in elevators. The work of Erdem Helvacıoğlu must have been a first in Turkey considering this aspect.  Let’s not waste your time and stop this writing here; but just a little tip before I finish: An interview with the artist Erdem Helvacıoğlu whom i admire his works, is coming on next days…

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